Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Blog Address

I have run out of photo space on our blog. 

Due to the MASSIVE amount of pictures I am about to post of our newest arrival, I have started a new blog. 

Visit us at

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mommy and Daddy before your Arrival


Elizabeth's Nursery

It is finally finished! I am so pleased at how Elizabeth's nursery turned out. All it is missing is her!!

I knew exactly what I wanted over the window but couldn't find it so Wesley built this perfect window treatment. Kate used her creative talent to make the Elizabeth canvas which is the perfect touch! 
Wesley put so much time into building Elizabeth's crib into the closet. It is the perfect nook. We needed a little more storage space so he also built the pink drawer underneath (with the help of KD). 
Nothing says "feminine, girly" nursery like a tub full of boy toys - See Buzz Lightyear!!! Philip has enjoyed filling her tub with all of his toys!
My mom made the dress for Elizabeth on the left. The other four were dresses I wore as a baby. I can't wait to put Elizabeth in them.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

2012 YMCA Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Last night Wesley and I traveled to the Cobb Galleria for the annual YMCA Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. We were both looking forward to it but also wondered if Elizabeth would allow us to go - She did :-) It was a really nice evening, and I am glad we were able to make it.

A HUGE thank you goes out to Ben and Kate who watched the boys for us. It turned into a late night, and we didn't pick them up until close to 10:00. Thankfully, Jackson crashed early, and Philip enjoyed watching George.

This is the first time I have witnessed this - Philip was asleep with his eyes open.

He didn't stay asleep for long once he heard Wesley's voice.
Now, Jackson didn't budge EVEN when Philip attempted to pick him up and move him off the couch!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Gerald's Baptism

This morning we headed to Northpoint Community church to witness the baptism of our dear friend, Gerald. Gerald was one of the first teenagers Wesley met while he was the Teen Director at the Alpharetta YMCA and now, Gerald is the Teen Director at the same Y!

It has been so wonderful to see the amazing mentor relationship/ friendship that has developed between Wesley and Gerald. We all four love Mr. Gerald and I am so glad we were on hand to witness this day!

The baptism took place at the 12:45 service at Northpoint. This is one of the 5 services they have on Sundays and one of only 2 that doesn't offer childcare. We knew the boys would be okay during the singing and we were right. They have a full band and Jackson and Philip were in awe of the performance. At one point, Jackson turned to me and said, "I can't understand a word he is saying but that guy sure can play the drums!" He loved watching all the instruments.

They didn't last long during the sermon though. They had videotaped a prior service and were replaying it in the auditorium. Jackson couldn't understand why a person wasn't up there and he wasn't wiling to sit down so we "quietly" packed up our things and headed out.

I hated to leave early, but was so thankful we were able to witness Gerald's baptism early in the service!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Light the Fire

Our shepherding group at church hosted a cookout tonight. It was a lot of fun. It wasn't too cold and the kids had fun running around the lower field while the adults caught up around the campfire.

Wesley was master of the fire with our hot dogs and then S'mores. He impressed us all with his "invention" - a huge toasted marshmallow with the chocolate stuffed inside. It was as delicious as it looked!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Chuck E. Cheese

Edith and Larry asked if they could take Jackson and Philip to Chuck E. Cheese tonight. They wanted to have a fun night out with the boys and wanted us to have a date night.

The boys had a blast! They ate pizza, played games, and scored some great prizes in exchange for their token loot!  Wesley and I had fun strolling the Toys R Us aisles looking for fun gift ideas for the boys for Christmas.

Thanks, Edith and Larry, for our two hours of quiet and for the boys their two hours of fun!

Edith and Philip
Larry and Jackson