Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Pictures

Here are some random pictures from January:

Philip has followed in his brother's footsteps and loves him some cars! 

A family trip to the Mall of Georgia is not complete with out a Krispy Kreme stop!

Jackson found an empty classroom and a pulpit and started preaching to Daniel Jones and Philip.
Daniel was interested; Philip was at the beginning...
But his interest didn't last long!

His interest with coloring on paper didn't last long either as he moved to eating the marker instead!
Mom of the Year moment right here :-)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Emily and Ryan come to visit!

Emily, Ryan and Maddie came down this past weekend for a long visit. They were able to work it out to come in on Thursday night and stay until Sunday!

Friday morning, I had to take Philip to the doctor for his 2 year check-up so Emily and Ryan took Jackson to Waffle House (his choice!)

Someone was loving the one-on-one time with Uncle Ry-Ry and Aunt Emmie!

Once Philip and I returned home from the doctor, we loaded up and headed to the outlets. Emily snagged a few cute outfits for work; I grabbed a pair of pants; and Jackson lucked out and got a new pair of Star Wars "run fast" shoes!

Coming in a close second to the Stormtrooper shoes, was running around the Outlets with Uncle Ryan to find all the rides. I think Jackson played in them all! His favorite was Garfield where he learned from Uncle Ryan that Garfield likes "san-ya"(lasagna) just like Jackson!

Jackson made friends with the Pretzel lady and enjoyed a tasty little snack!

Okay, this next picture is very random, but it paints the picture:

Wesley in back (taking picture)
Leanne with Philip
Emily with the stroller
Ryan with Jackson
We were peacefully strolling along. Emily and I jumped in front of Ryan and Jackson and were discussing where to go next. At the same time, we both turned around to watch Jackson run into an open door.

We screamed out of shock and laughed a little because, well, he ran into an open door. Ryan, stood in horror and disbelief. Wesley went to take care of Jackson.

Ryan looked at us and said "I would have stopped him, but I thought for sure he saw the open door!" Bless him, he felt horrible, but no one could have known Jackson could somehow not see the door and chose that moment to speed up and RUN into the door!

Wesley helped Jackson "shake it off" and we went on our way.

The next morning, Jackson couldn't walk! He could put no weight on it and every time we even touched it, he screamed in pain.

So....while Wesley was at work, I left Philip with Emily and Ryan and I took Jackson to the doctor to find out if he had broken his leg/dislocated his hip from hitting the door.

Thank you, iPad, for making the wait for the x-ray pleasant! 

A few hours later, we returned home with a sore little boy but no broken bones! YAY!

After a Saturday rest by the entire house, we headed off to the park with the boys and dogs and then to Menchies for a before-dinner treat!

Philip played on the playground while Jackson went with Ryan and Wesley to the dog park with Flash and Maddie

Wesley and I had so much fun with Emily and Ryan, and so did the boys. Philip followed Ryan around all weekend. He couldn't get enough. In fact, Sunday morning, Ry-Ry were the first words he yelled when he rolled out of bed!

Thank you, Emily and Ryan, for making the trip and loving on our boys!

Philip LOVED being with Uncle Ry-Ry!
Maddie and Philip watched all the cars go by waiting on Jackson to get home from the doctor! Too Cute! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Story Time

Jackson hasn't been a huge fan of Philip going to story time while he was in school so I found a story time that he and Philip could enjoy today.

We headed over for "hat" day at the Cumming branch and enjoyed a 20 minute story time and some computer play time afterwards.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The best part of my day...

Story Time at Ni-Night!

Also, telling stories about my boys:

Jackson - So I nearly had a meltdown in the car last Wednesday morning. I dropped Jackson off and pulled around to situate things in the car. From where I was parked, I could see into the hallway by Jackson's class. I noticed Jackson at the far end. He was all by himself walking to class. I watched as he walked with his backpack into class and disappeared. He did it! I don't even let him out of my site to go get the mail, and the teachers trusted him to get to class all by himself.  He's growing up. I know this is what we prepare our kids for, but it was a little emotional as I realized, he is learning how to be independent and responsible.

Then, there's Philip! This kid cracks me up. I like write down the funny things he says, and this one is great. He loves the word "Mimi" Here's how he uses it:

1. Mimi = Mailtrucks and UPS trucks. I don't quite get it but Jackson is the one who figured it out. 
2. Mimi = anyone on the phone. If you ask who it is, he says Mimi
3. Mimi= Mimi (my mom). This is the most common use, but it is always followed by "Bap-Bap" (PopPop)

As in: 
Me: Philip, it's Mimi. Can you say "Hi?"
Philip: Hi Mimi....where's Bap-Bap? 

Or who is this - showing him a picture of Mimi? 
Philip: Mimi Bap-Bap!

No matter what, he is ALWAYS smiling when he says it and believe me, he says it a lot! He loves his Mimi! (and Bap-Bap and Grammy and KD!)

And finally, I mentioned that every morning, Philip and Wesley have a little ritual. Wesley asks Philip if he had any dreams and he always answers Elmo.

One Tuesday, Philip came into where Jackson and Wesley were after his nap and Wesley asked him about his dreams. A conversation began between Philip and Jackson and here's the text I got concerning it: "Jackson just gave philip a 2 minute lesson of what dreams are because he was skeptical that he really dreamed about elmo every time."

Wesley said it was hilarious! Wish I could have been there for that one!

Oh No!

Last Wednesday, after the library, I had a little work I needed to do. I sat down at the computer, and Philip was playing behind me. All of a sudden, he said "Ni-Night." and left.

I thought it was weird, but let him go wonder. The only thing in the house I really worry about is Jackson's bunk bed, and I had already taken down the ladder to the top bunk.

After a few minutes, when he didn't come back, I went looking for him...and much to my alarm, here's where I found him!

AHHH!!! I calmed down (went and grabbed my camera) and wondered how he did that. As you can see in the picture below, he is sitting on the ladder! How did he get up there???

I helped him down and then asked him to get back up. I watched in AWE as he went to the side of the bed, and pulled himself up using his strengthen and these black rails. 

I watched him do it three times and then put the ladder down. I had him go up and down it. Once I felt "comfortable" with his using the ladder, I made the decision that the ladder will stay down from now on. I would rather have him going up and down it then monkeying himself up the side. That can't be safe!

Oh man!!

Philip takes on Storytime

I will be honest: sometimes after I drop Jackson off at school on Wedensdays, I look at Philip and wonder "What am I going to do with you for 4 hours!"

I have forgotten all the fun activities I did with Jackson when he was Philip's age! We used to go and go and these days, it seems like all I do with Philip is sit (not really, but it seems that way!)

So last week, I decided to make a change. I was really going to take advantage of the 4 hours I had alone with my Philip. 

I looked up Story Times and found one on Wendesday mornings at a nearby library. We headed that way last Wednesday for a story time about Cats and Dogs and then yesterday for Hop!

Philip really enjoyed it! He was mesmerized by the stories and loved the little activities we did in between the stories. Last week, it was a color game. He guessed "blue" every time. Finally the last one was blue, and he was so excited when he got it right!

I forgot my camera but snapped a few with my phone (which had a dirty lens, sorry for the blur!)

I am really looking forward to this time with Philip!

He was so good and sat on his carpet square the entire time!
Can't say the same about the little girl in front of him!!!
Looking at the puppets after story time was over
(red shirt)

Checking out the puppets - Week 2
Green Shirt

Monday, January 16, 2012

YMCA Lock-In

Wesley was working a YMCA lock-in last night, and offered to take Jackson with him. I knew he would have fun. What I didn't expect was for him to stay up all night!

I texted Wesley at midnight to say goodnight, and here are the pictures I received. My baby was on the rock wall and eating pizza at midnight!!!!!

Look at him around all the ladies!

Luckily for Jackson, the party didn't go on forever and around 1, he cashed out in the Executive Directors office! 

I mean - CASHED out! Sippy cup, Blankie, Patches and his walkie talkie all beside him!!!

Weekend Guests

A few weeks ago, my good friend Erin e-mailed me saying she and her husband Daniel were heading to Atlanta for some shopping (go Ikea!). I was so excited to learn they would be around and quickly replied that they had to stay with us! Yay!

It had been way too long since we had been together and we had lots of catching up to do!!!

They came in Friday night and left early Monday. Every night we stayed up way too late talking and laughing! It was so good to be with Erin and Daniel.

They left little Elizabeth with Daniel's parents so I made them promise they would be back soon with her. I know Jackson, Philip and Elizabeth will be great friends! And...with little Benjamin on the way, soon there will be even more to love!

I love Erin and Daniel and I am so glad they were able to come stay!! Can't wait until next time!

Erin and Daniel
(and baby Benjamin coming REALLY soon!)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No More Passy!

One of the last shots of Philip with his "Pas" 
We knew the time was coming to rid Philip of his favorite accessory - his passy. We tried to break him of it during the summer when he was 18 months, but after a week of him not being himself (he was soooo sad!), we gave it back. I talked to his doctor and she said that meant he wasn't ready to let go.

So, we let him have it for 5 more months and with the coming of the new year, we tried again. This time, he was fine! He cried once for it and that was it. It was such a smooth process, I realized that he really wasn't ready back in the summer.

I hated to see it go because every now and then it really came in handy, but I knew we would eventually have to take it away. The New Year was a great time to make the change!

Bye Bye "Pas"

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Trek Christmas Party

For the past 18 months, we have helped out with the young profession class at our church. We have loved getting to know this group. Because of crazy schedules, we weren't able to have our Christmas party until the New Year. Amy and Hector hosted and I think everyone had a nice time.

I know Jackson did - he loved playing with Lucas and Ethan's new toys!

We have decided to take a break from the Trek class this year. While we have loved the group, we wanted to spend some time in a class instead of leading a class. We are really looking forward to this year's study "Seeking God"

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just Dance

I have been thinking about signing Jackson up for dance classes for awhile now. He seems to have great rhythm and he loves to dance along with me when I turn up the radio.

After much searching, I found a local place with an all-boys Hip-Hop class. Today was his first class. I was really excited about it because the price was great; it was close; and it was all boys.

He really enjoyed the class and did a great job. He loved it when his teacher taught him how to "pop it" Adorable! It was so much fun to watch these ten boys, hip hop around the floor.

Jackson - center, orange shorts
We were all set to sign him up until I realized I had misread the price of the class. The great price listed on the web was not the total cost of the class but the MONTHLY cost. Wow! Add to that recital and costume fees and for a 4-year-old little boy who really just likes to break it down with his Mommy, it was a little much!

When he gets a little older and starts begging to go back, we will look into it. For now, we will just turn up Kicks County when he wants to boogie!

UPDATE: It has been over two weeks since his first class, and he has yet to ask when he is going back. I think we made the right decision!