Monday, May 30, 2011

Not on Philip's Watch!

Ice Cream spills causing you tears? Well, not on Philip's watch. If there is left over ice cream anywhere, Philip will find it and clean it up...

More Memorial Day pictures

Katey just sent out her pictures from Memorial Day. They were so good I had to include my favorites here:

This flying bicycle flew over us. The kids were not amazed, but the Mommies were.


The boys playing soccer after dinner

Alayna and Sam with the sparklers

Katey and Alayna

Pushing Philip

Caught by the camera

So let's pose!

My love

Kate brought the Slip and Slide. Jackson liked talking about it, but he would not participate in the fun.Of course, all we heard on Sunday was crying over the fact that he didn't get to Slip and Slide!

My Friends! Love these girls!
Kate, Katey, Leanne, Priscilla, and Ashley

Best Buds - Sam and Alayna

Jack and Tru

Ever the gentleman, Sam helps the ladies in the broken down Jeep...

And then examines the problems under the hood!

3rd Annual Memorial Day Cookout

Saturday night was our annual Memorial Day Cookout at the Smiths. I can’t believe it was our third year of this tradition!

Each year, our number grows. We now have 10 adults and 10 kids. Good think Katey and Waylon’s house is perfect for this many.

We all played outside until the men finished up the meat preparations. They (well, Waylon really but the others watched!) smoked chicken & fried wings for us all to enjoy. The rest of us brought the sides and desserts to round out a delicious meal.

It was perfect weather and a perfect time with GREAT friends!

Priscilla, Addie and Ashley chillin' by the swings!

Jackson and Tucker
I don't know if anyone else got a chance to ride the Jeep before the battery died because these two cruised around the yard forever!!

Good Thing, PJ had his own mode of transportation!

What a handsome crew!
Todd, Ben, Wesley, Waylon, and Todd

And an adorable crew - Alayna, Addison, Addie, Tucker, Jackson, Isabelle, and Sam

Big Buddies!

Philip did get to join Tucker and Jackson in the Jeep for a few minutes

While the rest of the men were on the porch watching some You-Tube engagement video (why a bunch of men were watching an engagement video is BEYOND me!) Todd helped the kids with some sparklers.



Thursday, May 26, 2011


On a whim, I decided that we would go bowling today. I have been carrying around 4 free game passes for 2 years and it was about time we used them. We invited Kate and crew to join us. It had been too long since we hung out and I knew she would be up for an adventure.

We met up at Stars and Stripes and immediately realized this day was going to be a lot of fun! They put us on the neon lanes, which were so cool - and VERY far away from any other bowlers! So nice!

We signed up for one game and let the boys go first. Sam is a pro! He loves playing on the Wii and had already been real bowling once before. Jackson quickly figured it out and enjoyed it for 4 frames. After that, he was done and just wanted o eat and play the video games. I wouldn't let him in the arcade until we were all done.

Sam lasted not only for all 10 of his frames but he also bowled the remaining 6 for Jackson!

Kate took home the win, but I was so excited because I bowled a TURKEY, three strikes in a row! Yay me!

It was a fun afternoon and so nice to be with friends!

Taking notes of the lanes and working on their strategy.

We were on the best lanes - so cool!

Checking out the scores

Our little troopers - always watching so patiently!

Sam was having so much fun!!

Now, Jackson was having fun too. He loves arcade games!

Kate and I quickly realized a trip to Chuck E. Cheese is in our future. These two loved all the games!

Random Pictures

This makes sense - two boys, two Cozy Coupes

This is how it usually ends up - Two boys; one Cozy Coupe.
Do they make a Cozy Coupe for two?? If so, I need one!!!

This picture was snapped as Jackson told me he wanted a "Spicy Chicken Sandwich" What an imagination! He was playing Chick-fil-a drive-in!

Playing the video games in the teen room at church.

Again, Jackson has to join his brother. This is not a seat for two, but it is for them!

What a riot! Philip LOVES to get dirty!! He had so much fun playing in the mud and water as I was getting the dirt ready to plant our garden.

One wet & dirty little boy!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Curls for Mimi

Mom - Here are a couple of photos of Philip's Curls! Enjoy!