Thursday, September 30, 2010

YMCA dinner

Our fall calendar is full of YMCA events. Tonight was the first of these events. We traveled to Decatur to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Decatur/DeKalb branch.

Jack and Lynne joined us for this celebration because this is the branch Jack worked with during his time with the Metro Atlanta YMCA.

The event was at the Decatur courthouse and was very nice. After a reception they had a brief ceremony (Jack was recognized!) and then we mingled with other staff, volunteers, and supporters.

Since this was not a kid friendly event, we went searching for a sitter. We were so blessed that two past YMCA teens were willing to travel from Athens for the night. It meant so much that Celeste and Minutha were willing to make the hour long trek to spend time with our boys. I know Jackson LOVED having them here and from all the pictures they took, it looks like Philip had fun too. Thank you, girls! You are awesome!

Minutha and Celeste didn't want to just watch TV so they decided to make cupcakes with Jackson for a special treat! Here is Jackson with "Miss Nutha"
Philip and Minutha

Celeste and Philip
Celeste and Jackson
Happy Boy!

Striking a pose

When we got home, Minutha let Jackson play with her camera and he took this family shot - not bad!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Wesley!

Tonight, we went and celebrated Wesley’s 31st birthday. Jack and Lynne had planned to come into town for a YMCA dinner and graciously agreed to come a day early to watch the boys so we could go out.

We went to a yummy dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill, shopped, and then went to see Wall Street. We picked this movie because there was nothing else out, but ended up really enjoying it.

I think we liked it most of all because we were alone. As much as we love our little boys, it is so nice to go out as husband and wife sometimes too!

Happy Birthday Wesley!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Visiting Lori and Sara

Two weeks ago, Wesley, Philip, Jackson and I traveled to Kennesaw to visit our former neighbors Sara and Lori.

Sara, a high school sophomore, is in the color guard. We watched her perform last year with her Forsyth school, but hadn’t seen her new show with her new school.

We arrived during the second quarter and secured front row seats for her half time show. She did a great job and we were so proud of her!

After the game, we went back to their new house for a while just to visit and catch up. Though this move was best for the family, we miss having them around. It was great to catch up and see how things are going across town.

Leanne and Lori
Philip's eyes are glued on something...come to think of it the cheerleaders were right in front of us! Oh, boys!
Jackson LOVED the "bangy sticks" they handed out at the game. Don't know why (Wesley!) they made it home with us, but they have been enjoyed here too!
The band/color guard did a great job on the halftime show. Here is Sara ready to perform.

More Jacksonisms

Wesley and I are amazed at Jackson's ever increasing vocabulary. Usually, he uses the correct word in the correct context but sometimes, he puts his own sweet spin on things.

Here are just a few examples:

1. Wesley was giving Philip and Jackson a bath. Wesley was washing Philip when Jackson said "DaDa, are you going to get his back tummy too?"

2. Overheard from the backseat, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, caught in a "Bad-Row-Of-Ants" (Lady Gaga Song - Bad Romance"

Of course, now that I go to record his funny antidotes, I am drawing a blank. I will record more as I remember!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Photo Session with Angela

Our neighbor, Angela, is a very talented photographer. She has taken the newborn shots of both the boys. Every now and then, when she has her studio set up for a client, she calls and offers to snap some pictures of the boys. I always say "yes!" She does a great job and I wanted to share some images from this last session.

Jackson: 3 years

Philip: 7 1/2 months

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Tonight, Wesley went with two coworkers to the All-You-Can-Eat Lobster night at a local restaurant. While he was gorging himself on 12 (yes, 12!!) lobsters, the boys and I hit up Chick-fil-a for Kids' Night.

We enjoyed a tasty dinner and then waited for 20 minutes for a balloon animal. I debated whether we were going to stand in line to wait, but the clown was producing some pretty impressive creations so I decided to chance a meltdown by Philip so that Jackson could get a balloon.

As we waited I asked Jackson what he wanted. He had seen this clown make monkeys, Spidermans, even Ariel, but his response was a black puppy or a sword. Seriously? I explained to Jackson that if we were going to wait this long for a balloon it needed to be something other than the two things his DaDa could make! There was no changing his mind. He was set on either a black puppy or a sword.

Oh well, what ever makes him happy!

We got up to the front and the clown noticed that both he and Jackson had an Elmo shirt on. Jackson loved that so upon prompting from the clown and me, he asked for an Elmo balloon.

And the clown delivered! Wow! What talent!

It wasn't All-You-Can-Eat Lobster, but it was a fun night out with the boys!

Premiere Week

A year ago, we decided to get rid of cable. We looked at our TV preferences and realized all the shows we enjoy were on the network stations. Wesley did some investigating and $250 later, we had an antenna attached to the roof and a TIVO set up. Now, for nothing a month, we enjoy all the shows from the local stations and networks. It is the perfect setup for us!!

We aren't huge TV watchers, but what we like, we really like. Jackson is a Curious George junkie and currently we have 12 episodes locked and loaded for his viewing pleasure. Wesley and I each have favorites but we also have a few that we love to watch together.

This week is especially exciting because it is premiere week. Last night we both sat back after the kids were in bed to watch the kick off of Dancing with the Stars. Our favorites - Derek and Jennifer. What Dirty Dancing fan isn't for that pairing! I think it is going to be a fun season.

Tonight, we will be watching the start of Glee, season 2. We just got hooked on this creative show about two months ago (thanks, Kate!) and are so excited to see what songs pop up on the premier. We will watch it live tonight and then Jackson will enjoy the encore performance of all the dances tomorrow. His current favorite is last week's "Bad Romance" - nice!

Thursday is when we will split ways on favorites. Wesley will want to be front and center for the NBC lineup - Community, 30 Rock, Outsourced and The Office. He likes to watch those "live" which works for me. I also enjoy them, but will be waiting until Friday morning to catch up on my recording of Big Bang Theory. This is another one I got hooked on this summer - hilarious!

So, that's what we will be watching this week. Is there anything we are missing?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Watch out world - my boys are driving!

Since Philip was born, Jackson has been waiting for the day he and Philip could ride in the airplane cart at Publix. It is hard to explain to a toddler why exactly his 6-week-old baby brother can’t sit up in the shopping cart!

Well tonight, I was on my own and thought it would be a fun adventure to let Philip and Jackson try out the airplane cart. Needless to say, it was a big hit!

Lots of people throughout Publix were staring at us. At first, I didn't know why. Now, after seeing these pictures, I realize they were staring because my boys looked so cute :-)

Two precious joys in my life!

"I think I could get used to this!"

"Now, Philip, let me show you how to drive"
"Um, Jackson, I don't need lessons from you. I was born to drive!"

"Um, excuse me. I need to change lanes"

"Watch out world!"

My Family

As we were getting ready for church this morning, I realized we were all going to match. We haven’t had a family picture made all summer so after church, I ran next door and asked my neighbor to snap a picture of us.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What I am printing...

I take a lot of pictures! I love capturing my boys in the moment. I try really hard not to print off every adorable picture but I think I am heading out today to get copies of these two.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Philip is 7 months old!

What an exciting month! Philip is on the move!! No more putting Philip down and walking away. He will follow you. I can’t believe my little one is one more step closer to running after his big brother. Watch out world!

In addition to becoming mobile, this month, Philip started eating meat, babbling and cutting teeth (nothing has come through yet, but one has to be on the way) He learned to turn on his crib music by himself and is starting to pull up on the couch and (with assistance) in the crib.

He is a happy, happy child who loves being tickled, playing with toys and watching Jackson!

Usually, you catch Philip with a smile, but every once in awhile, he looks like he is contemplating something!

Here's the smile!

And the open month grin!

Check out their eyes - both are cutting them at something!

Big Boys!

"Mom, I don't want to take another picture!"

Too bad - DaDa and Jackson will get you happy!

Guess it worked!


Tonight after dinner, we went over to the neighborhood playground. I brought my camera with me with hopes of capturing a few cute ones of my boys. I think I succeeded with my mission.

Views from the stroller:

Slide time:

Look at that hair!

Even Philip had some fun on the slide

Our attempt at a brother shot:

"Mommy, was this your idea?"

"Seriously, who's idea was this? This is not fun!"

"I'm free!"