Monday, April 30, 2012

Random April Happiness!

We had lots of fun times during April. Here are some random pictures from our fun:

We traveled to John's Creek for lunch with "Ms. Tricia"
They found a new friend during this visit
Poor Philip - he had a rough week full of bumps and bruises! 

Uncle Melvin came by for dinner and snapped this cute picture of Philip in his favorite position - reading a book in someone's lap!
Grammy gave Philip these 3D glasses for his bubbles. Doesn't he look cute?!
Wesley and I helped out with Graceland at church.
Wesley asked for volunteers and Jackson, Tucker and Addie (plus one mystery little boy) volunteered!
Jackson really got into his part of the song!
Wesley took the boys car-shopping -
They wanted this one!
Nothing is better than a YMCA bus ride!
Philip was SO happy!!!
Jackson was a little worried about safety so he wore his bike helmet :-)
Bike riding one night with Ethan and Lucas
Philip enjoyed some bubble time while the older boys rode bikes. 
Wow, Jackson! Nice Muscles!
We were able to meet Baby Reese.
Reese was born in February to Justin and Beth Underwood.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Awana Awards

Tonight was Jackson's award celebration at Awana. Wesley and I were so proud of his accomplishment this year in Awana.

He was given the Book One award for completing his entire workbook. To complete the workbook, he had to memorize a scripture each week before class. Way to go, Jackson!

Jackson (3rd from left) and his Cubbie class

Before the awards with his buddies - Justin and Diego
Waiting on the awards to begin

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jackson's First Race!

We signed Jackson up for his first "official" race - a Tot Trot at the YMCA. I was so excited for him. He always enjoys the races I do and I knew he would enjoy experiencing one for himself.

He seemed to enjoy the race but was very uncomfortable/nervous before it began. One of the employees at the Y was trying to get him to laugh but he was so serious.  I think it was a combination of not knowing what was going on and just taking it all in. He did so well and Wesley, Philip and I were very proud!

Racer #1!

One racer in the Tot Trot was Y Bear so Philip was not a fan!
He and Wesley were at the finish line while I stayed at the start.

Jackson (far right - #1) was still not 100% in the race-groove.
 He was looking around and trying to figure out what was going on.
But as soon as they said "Go!" He was off!!!

He even got a medal at the Finish

Running up the hill takes a lot out of a little boy - Jackson's favorite part was the snack at the end!

Philip enjoyed a snack too!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

We spent Easter weekend in Knoxville. We arrived Friday night and enjoyed dinner with Jack and Lynne. Saturday was a relaxing day spent hunting for Easter eggs, coloring (Jackson didn't like the term "dying") eggs, and riding the boat.

Sunday, we enjoyed church service at Hardin Valley and then spent a lazy afternoon watching the Masters.

Philip & Jackson enjoyed searching for eggs around the house!
Found one!  
Jackson preparing to color the eggs
Once Jackson figured it out, he showed Philip how!

Jackson is such a great teacher!
Philip is such a cute student!

Grammy and her Easter Egg Coloring Team!

The finished product!
The Easter Egg hunting went outside after lunch!

Then Jackson begged to go out on the houseboat, and KD agreed!!!

Of course, no visit to the boat is complete without some Reece's Puffs! 

The Easter Bunny found us in Knoxville!

Lynne prepared an Easter Feast!
The perfect sign of a perfect weekend - We weren't even on the Interstate yet!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Morning

Here are a few photos before we headed off to Easter Service at Hardin Valley -

(Someday I will ask him to explain this pose. Until now, I will just say he looks cute!)

Philip and Jackson
(Mimi made the matching outfits!)

I love these pictures - they really do like each other and find each other hilarious! 


Curious but who wouldn't want to look at Lynne's beautiful yard! 

The Benders - Easter 2012

Jack and Lynne

Jack and Lynne
Don't their outfits look awesome with the landscape!

Look at this! The perfect picture! Both boys smiling and everything!