Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween! And I loved it even more this year since Jackson was into it! Over the past years, he has not wanted anything to do with the costumes but from Day one he said he wanted to be a StormTrooper. I even had a back-up plan in place because I didn't think he would wear his costume, but I was wrong! He wore it all night long and loved it!

Wesley and I started a family tradition before kids that we would have croissant dogs on Halloween and open our house to anyone who wanted to celebrate together. This year, we had quite a crowd.

All the kids had a blast together. It was so cute to watch them get excited about the costumes, candy, and Trick-or-Treating...or as Jackson calls it "Tucker Treating!"

Our salute to Star Wars
R2-D2 (Philip), Anakin (Tucker), Darth Vader (Todd),
Princess Leia (Addie), Storm Trooper (Jackson), Yoda (Flashers)


Anakin, Leia, and our Storm Trooper


Our Halloween Family

Howard Family

Attempt to get all the kids

I took this one from the side - I am hoping to find who took it from the front view because it has to be adorable with Philip leaning over and Alayna and Sam laughing! 

Jack and Philip

Tucker and Jackson

Philip found his LOVE for Candy!

At a door waiting for candy! 

Waiting at another door...see the pink balloon in both pictures? One of our neighbors gave it out to all the girls and gave the boys MatchBox Cars...definitely a crowd-favorite! 

Towards the end, R2-D2 figured out what has happening outside the wagon and started making the break to the doors! 
Mrs. Kate, Tucker, and Jackson going out for Round 2!
For Round 2, we left the little ones at home (and Sam) at home
Tucker, Jackson, Alayna, and Addie

Back at the house, the adults had some fun while the kids sugared-up!
Wesley, Todd, Kate, Ben, and Ashley

Love these girls!
Ashley, Katey, Leanne and Kate...
And, the pink balloon!

Oh...all that's right in the world is in these Pumpkin Whoopee Pies!
Thank you, Kate, for brining these yummy treats! 
I was so excited to use my new beverage container! Thanks, Wesley for making all the tea! 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Breakfast with DaDa

I received an e-mail from Wesley with a picture of his breakfast with Jackson. How creative! A full Darth Vader pancake!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cagle Dairy Farm

Today was Jackson's first field trip of the year. Philip and I were joining him and I was looking forward to a fun morning. Things didn't start off so wonderful though...

First off, Philip and I had a major disagreement. It centered around the fact that I wanted him to wear clothes and he didn't. I was worried we were going to miss the carpool and since I had no idea where we were going, I had to get to school to get the directions. So...I let Philip win the battle and I threw him into the car with just his diaper on.

I pulled up to the school and asked for directions. Then, to Jackson's sadness, we left the school and told the group we would meet them there. We went back home (thankfully, we live 2 minutes from the school) and I got clothes on the beast...I mean Philip :-)

I put both boys in the car and took a few deep breathes. Then I prayed. When Jackson asked why I was talking to God, I said "Jackson, sometimes Mommies can't do it all but God can! I need His help today!" Thank You for answered prayers! The rest of the morning was filled with much more peace!

The only remaining hiccup was trying to explain to Jackson that we weren't going to a pumpkin patch. It was my fault. I should have realized from the name - Cagle Dairy Farm - that we were heading to a farm, but I mistakenly told Jackson it was a pumpkin patch. I cleared up my mistake when we arrived at Cagle's but all day, he kept asking where the pumpkins were! Whoops!

Here are some pictures from the Field Trip:

Getting ready for the Hay Ride

My Big Boy!

They looked so cute in their matching Halloween shirts.
Jackson was supposed to be in his Field Trip shirt, but well, I forgot! 

Jackson and his buddy,Justin
Justin lives in our neighborhood and is in Awana with Jackson. They have become big buddies!

Here we are stopped on the hayride for the Cow Herding demonstration.
The young man (you can see his head) has just sent his dog out to round up the cows...

Oh look! There's a cow (the brown speck in the distance). Wonder where he will go...

Oh! He's coming our way...

And bringing some some of his friends...

So Jackson was cool with this but Philip was not. At this moment, he was screaming in my arms. Since we were on a hayride with 15 HUGE cows right beside us, I had no choice but to let him scream, hold him tight, and take a picture of Jackson!
Afterwards, someone commented: I guess Philip won't be a farmer!

Hilarious! This is his first pair of real jeans and he LOVES them! 

Allison and Lydia

This farmer was explaining how they milk cows to the kids. They really weren't interested!

Philip started playing in the rocks - the highlight of his day!

Isaac, Justin, Barnes, Collin, John, and Jackson
Mrs. Pam's class - all boys!

YAY!! A good shot of my boys!

Riding the tractor.

Playing on the bouncy floor thingy.

2011 - Lydia, Philip, and Jackson
2010 - Lydia, Jackson and Philip
What a difference a year makes!

Friday, October 21, 2011


Yesterday we packed up for yet another road trip. This time, Wesley, Philip, Jackson and I headed to Athens, GA to visit some former YMCA teens at the University of Georgia. The main reason for the trip was dinner, but we got up there early so we could spend some time with "Miss Nutha!"

Minutha planned a fabulous afternoon for the boys - a local zoo, pumpkin patch, frozen yogurt, and Toy Story 3 at her apartment.  It was a great trip!

Now, the pizza dinner wasn't all that fabulous for the boys and me. 7:00 in a strange place with 2 hungry, tired boys doesn't make for a pretty scene. So, I left early and crashed out with Jackson, Philip, and Minutha's puppy, Kota.  We enjoyed ourselves and from the talk, Wesley and the teens did too!

Jackson and his biggest fan - Miss Nutha

My little bears
Philip and Jackson

Minutha and Jackson

Wesley and I had to pose as well!

Jackson LOVED this free little community zoo. It was a little disturbing to me because the animals weren't as locked-down as they are at the Atlanta Zoo, but we all came out alive!
Jackson watching the Black Bears

Philip watching the bears

Now, this was cool! Right in front of us this bear stood up and started scratching his back!!! It was so neat! 
Looking at the eagles


Bender Family at the Pumpkin Patch!
Minutha and her baby, Kota!