Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Like Mother Like Son

I have no idea when or why I started liking this "delicacy" but one of my favorite sandwiches is Peanut Butter and scrambled eggs (before you knock it - try it!)

One day, I made Jackson one and he loved it! Now, it is one of his favorites!  Way to go, Jackson,  for being adventurous with your sammies!

It's not pretty, but it is a delicious treat!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sam turns 4!!

Today we celebrated Sam's birthday in style! Kate flat-out knows how to throw a party. She thinks of EVERYTHING! Look at all these cute pictures from the afternoon:

I mean - seriously?! Isn't that cake adorable!  

Each child got to take home a bag of cookies - bowling pin and ball!

Birthday Boy! 
Each child was giving a "Sam's Birthday Bowling League shirt"

Tucker and Addie

Jackson bowling

Sam bowling
Jackson watching Addie bowl

Best Buds!
Jackson and Tucker

The beautiful girls
Alayna, Addison, Addie, and Lydia
Sam and Kate

About to blow out the candles

Happy Birthday, Sam!

I turned around near the end of the party, and Jackson and Tucker were entertaining Miss Isabelle...or maybe she was entertaining them!

--There were no photos of Philip because he was asleep at home with Wesley. Thanks, Wesley, for letting me leave him behind so he could rest! 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jackson and Wesley - Communion Service

Turn the volume up

I really don't think I have been prouder of any person in all my life!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Alayna!

Saturday morning, we celebrated Alayna's 4th birthday! The party was at Katey and Waylon's and the kids had a blast. Most of the children spent the morning in the sprinklers (Jackson did not). Then, they finished the party off with rides on the 4-wheeler.

Jackson has too much of his Mommy in him and does not like to get wet and grassy at the same time. He opted out of playing on the Slip-N-Slide.

Philip on the other hand...

Jumped right in and went down! 

Jack didn't try out the Slip-N-Slide but did enjoy the water.

Philip enjoying the tasty treats!

Adorable Fairy cake Katey made!

Birthday Girl!

Katey and Miss Isabelle





He might not like the Sprinkler but he LOVED the 4 wheeler!

Philip's Turn!

Jackson telling Mr. Waylon that after Philip, he wanted to go again!

Humm...do I tell who Philip is waving to at the picture below?? I am risking the life of a certain friend's husband who came solo to the party...

Does Kate know that Ben let her baby take a ride??!!

And loved it! He was so laid back and rested at the end of his ride!