Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My sleeping babies

Jackson - Age 4 1/2 years old
Note: on his stomach, short sleeves, no covers 
Philip - Age 2
Note: On his back; warm, footie pajamas, covers all the way up with his pillow on top of him. 

Usually, we have to move the pillow off his face before we go to bed, but this night he left a little room to breathe

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy 13th Dating Anniversary, Wesley!

Recently, Wesley and I hosted an event at our church - Big Night Out. We asked each couple to send in early pictures of them (dating, wedding, etc). It was so much fun to look through these pictures, and it got we wondering if I still had the first picture taken of Wesley and me. 

We met first semester of our Freshman year (1998) but our first date wasn't until Feb 1999. Sure enough, I found it!!

And perfect timing too - who knew we were about to celebrate our 13th dating anniversary! 

Oh the good ole days!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A visit with the chickens

We found out a few months ago that a lady at our church raises chickens for their eggs. We have bought several dozen fresh eggs from her (Sooo amazing!) and she asked if we would like to come by and see her chickens.

Of course!

Not only does she have Momma hens and rosters but she recently acquired a few chicks. Philip and I loved seeing and holding the babies but Jackson wasn't a fan. He much preferred to help feed the hens and collect the eggs.

The Pattersons also have rabbits which I  particularly enjoyed since Emily used to have a pet rabbit, Molly. Philip was not a fan because the first one he tried to pet nibbled on his little finger. He wasn't hurt but it scared him enough to not go near the rabbits again!

Carol believes the rabbits are pregnant and offered for us to come see the babies when they are born. I can't wait to hold those little cutties!

It was a fun day that ended with a dozen, freshly gathered eggs we used for dinner!

Thanks, Pattersons, for a fun afternoon full of things neither the boys nor I had ever seen!

In true Jackson form, he had to quiz Carol before he would help gather the eggs.
Ben and Jackson feeding the chickens. Jackson loved this part! 

Jackson wouldn't go in the cage for the eggs but would help Ben put them in the basket.
Ben, trying to be so kind to Philip, gave him an egg to put in the basket too. Luckily Carol and I saw this exchange and, I intervened before we all had egg all over us! Philip doesn't know that Mommy caught his throw instead of the egg basket!

The eggs were beautiful - brown, white, blue!
Did you know that the earlobe of a chicken is what determines the color of the eggshell?
 (Share your prize if you ever win a trivia contest with this piece of knowledge!)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dad's Morning!

Last night, I had a Girls' Night Out with several friends from church.We went to dinner and to see "The Vow." This morning, I had breakfast with Ashley, Katey and Priscilla who was in town for the weekend.

It was so nice to spend time with the girls! I was grateful to Wesley for taking the boys both times. I am not sure what they did last night, but this morning they had breakfast at Chick-fil-a and walked around the Avenues.

Story time at Barnes and Noble
Most people shop around the Avenues but my boys search out bugs.
They found a huge ant pile in front of one of the shops - Jackpot!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Back to INK

Jackson came home from school with coupons good for another visit to the INK Children's museum so Wesley and I decided to take the boys. I think Jackson enjoyed it but know he didn't have as much fun with Wesley and me as he did with his friends from school. Either way, he seemed to enjoy himself and I know Philip had a blast.

Dr. Jackson with Mommy
Dr. Philip with Daddy

Wesley didn't bring "cash" to pay at the diner so he had to run through Suntrust!
Jackson brought us lots of yummy food to eat.
Philip brought us lots of utensils!

We have been trying to schedule a get together with our friends Minutha and Aleem. Since they are in school in Athens, it is usually easiest to meet up in Buford at the Mall of Georgia. Since the museum is not far from Buford, we decided to meet them up at the mall for dinner. The boys were worn out on the short drive to the mall and didn't wake up in the easiest of moods. That made for a short visit with Minutha and Aleem.  We ate, visited the Disney store, cried and left!

But not before an adorable picture of Philip with Ms. Nutha and Aleem!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is it Spring?!

The weather today was beautiful!! 

While Jackson was in school, Philip and I spent the morning at Kate's house having breakfast with friends. Philip feel asleep in the car as we went to pick up Jackson so I knew an afternoon nap at our usual 1:00 was out of the question. 

Instead, I decided to take the boys to the park and enjoy the day. Kate and her boys met up with us and we all enjoyed 2 hours of a spring-like day!  

Wonder what they are discussing here?!

Last week was also beautiful and Wesley took the boys outside while I was at work.

Basketball at our playground
'Mater and the bike (Jackson is way off in the distance) at the Park!

Gray Hair

Here are a few of the reasons I will soon have gray hair...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

My valentine gave me what I wanted most - PAINT for the dining room!!

I will post more when it is completed!

He also took me out to lunch (PF Changs) and sent me a text of my other two Valentines opening the cards I left them in the car before I went to work!

Jackson and Philip both had Valentine's Day parties at school. I recreated something on Pinterest for their Valentine's. It was easy and I think they turned out pretty "Super"!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bedtime story-time at the library

Tonight was a Bedtime story-time at the library. It started at 6:30 and the kids were encouraged to come all dressed for bed. I wanted to take the boys and Wesley was able to join us!

Jackson wasn't into the pajama idea, but he did like that Blankie and Patches could come along. He really enjoyed the 20 minute program, but Philip had to be taken out halfway through. I was so glad Wesley was with us so I could leave with P and Jackson could still enjoy the books.

Excuse the no-makeup look. Jackson, Philip and I had come directly from the Y!
Jackson took the Bedtime part seriously and laid down on his carpet square with Blankie and Patches.
Sorry, Dottie! You were his pillow!

Jackson in his favorite outfit - shorts and a t-shirt - no matter the weather outside!
P.S Kate: Notice his favorite shirt is Sam's birthday shirt!!

"Working" on the computers after story-time

Friday, February 10, 2012

Mall Day!

Wesley had a jam-packed schedule the first 6 weeks of this year so, he rewarded himself with a week off!  He used some much needed vacation days but unfortunately, instead of rest, he got sick.

His vacation wasn't as relaxed as he wanted, but today, he was feeling up to a trip to the Mall. We ate lunch at the food court, took a little trip around the train and enjoyed some family time. It was a nice little adventure - I enjoyed it and I know Philip and Jackson loved being with their Daddy!

My ketchup buddies!
Jackson piled into the caboose with three other little boys.
There was no one else on the train but these four in the caboose!
Jackson enjoyed the freedom of riding without Mommy or Daddy!
Philip does not like the train so he and Wesley went to the playground.
Jackson joined them after the train 
Dr. Pepper break! 
Daddy spoils his boys!