Thursday, July 28, 2011

What happened to my garden?

We were having a very successful year with our garden. Everyday we would get a squash or two and some cucumbers. Then, all of a sudden, the vegetables stopped growing...why?

One word: FLASHERS!

He found the perfect spot to cool down in my garden. Oh, well...I can go to the Produce Mart for more vegetables. Flash needs to be cool this hot summer!

And...doesn't he look so cute!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jackson's Birthday Party

For Jackson's birthday party, we threw around so many ideas. They all sounded fun, but I knew all Jackson wanted to do was play with his friends. There was no need to spend tons of money. We could just have everyone over to our house for a party.

We invited a small group over for lunch and play. My timing wasn't perfect because we planned it on the same day as his 4 year old doctor's appointments (4 shots! Ouch!) but he still had fun. The kids played so well together and the Mommies actually got to spend time sitting around laughing and talking!

Birthday Boy and his BFF Tucker
Philip and Tru

Addie and Addison
Jack and Isabelle
Sam and Alayna
The kids got a very kid friendly menu: chicken nuggets and cheetos! But I enjoy making the mommies some fun treats:
Black Bean Salsa with feta cheese

Ham Rolls - New recipe!
They didn't turn out pretty but they were yummy!

Orzo and Wild Rice Salad
Fruit Salad

After lunch we put on a movie for the kids. They asked to take the chips in the den to snack on as they watched. Sure!
It was a good idea until Jack took the bag of Tostitos and turned it upside down! Kate picked up the chips while the kids kept eating the Cheetos (And I took a picture!)

What a lively bunch!
Jack, Jackson, Addie, Addison, Alayna, Philip, Tucker and Tru
(Sam doesn't like group photos so he opted out of this one!)

Jackson insisted on this baseball cake from Publix.
Happy 4th Birthday, Jackson!

Mommy, Philip and the birthday boy!

Blowing out the candles with his buddy Tucker


I couldn't find Philip but figured he was upstairs with Jackson. I went to look for him and found him playing in the corner with Isabelle! At first I freaked out - Philip's not small nor is he gentle - but they were just playing quietly together. Too Cute! 
18 months old and already smitten for a lady!

It didn't take long for Jack to realize that the party was in the corner with Isabelle and he joined the crew!
Sweet Girl!

Playing and playing and playing in Jackson's room! 
Soon Isabelle gave up the boys for a comfortable spot in Mrs. Kate's lap! 
Addie took this one of the boys - maybe she has a career in photography! Great job, Addie!
Sweet Sweet Sweet Friends! Don't know what I would do without these girls!
Katey, Priscilla, Ashley, Kate, and Leanne

Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jackson!

I know every mother every year says this, but it's true. I can't believe how fast time flies! My baby is 4!! I can't believe it. Jackson has grown so much this past year.

Physically: He hit 30 pounds! Whoo Hoo!!
Socially: He is starting to understand friendships and desire to be around his friends.
Intellectually: The kid is so smart. He remembers everything and his imagination is out of this world.
Spiritually: He learned his first Bible verse this year (Nothing can separate you from God's Love) and he and Wesley have been working on the Lord's Prayer. Makes my heart swell each night as I hear them practicing!

He knows what he likes: Playing pretend, Star Wars, Blankie and Patches, Philip (on most days!), 'pes-ge-ti, Disney World, People who are old enough to ride the school bus!

He knows what he doesn't like: being hot, eating fruits and vegetables, scary things, listening

Everyday, I see glimpses of his developing personality and I am in love. I really am!

We had a great birthday celebration for him tonight. He wanted 'pes-ge-ti so we had spaghetti. We opened presents, ate, and just celebrated Jackson. Our friend Minutha came over with her boyfriend, Aleem. Jackson loves "Mis-Nutha" and was thrilled to celebrate and play with her.

Opening his present from Mimi and PopPop

Jackson and his present from Philip

Another present from Mimi and PopPop

Working on the computer Wesley and I gave him.
Overheard: I have to take this to bed with me 'cause I have some e-mails to work on! 

Jackson and Philip on the tricycle Grammy and KD sent him.

Happy Birthday Boy!

Happy Brother!

Aleem and Minutha gave Jackson a very thoughtful gift - his first Disney Pin collection lanyard! 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Picking Blueberries

One of our yearly traditions is blueberry picking around Jackson's birthday. Usually, we head out to Blueberry Hill but this year, a family friend invited us to pick in her yard.

Wesley was in Dallas for a few days so I was looking for something fun for the boys to do. We had had a pretty lousy Thursday night and Friday morning with Philip getting sick (just something he ate!) and Jackson getting word from school that he may have been exposed to lice (he wasn't!). We were due for a fun Friday evening.

We headed out to the Dunn's house around 7:30. They asked us to come late because of the heat - good idea! The boys loved the ride to the house - the Dunn's driveways is so long and bumpy!- and they loved the hike to the Blueberry bushes.  That's about where the fun ended for Jackson. He wasn't enjoying it and trying to wrangle two boys, the heat, and blueberries was too much for me.

The blueberry bushes were so full and I was able to get a few of the delightful treats before heading back to the house. Melody hooked me up with some previously picked berries and we enjoyed a nice visit in the air conditioning!

On the trail down to the Blueberry bushes

All boy, this one found a stick and was exploring as we went.
Notice the Spiderman Bucket. When I asked Jackson if he wanted to take a bag to collect his blueberries, he went straight to his Easter Egg Basket and said can I bring this one like I used on "the hunt" This kid has one amazing memory!

Jackson found a track in the dirt. I thought it was a deer, but Jackson said, "No, deer prints have a line down the center."
Well, excuse me!
When I asked where he learned that he replied "George"
Thank you PBS and Curious George for teaching my child about animal tracks!
Showing me the track he found.
We had to take a picture of the track to ask Daddy what it was...he didn't know either :-)

Philip was so content to just plop down and watch me pick. Was great at the time but the bug bites he came home with (even though I layered him in bug spray) weren't pretty!

Philip started to enjoy the picking right around the time Jackson gave up!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Night Fun!

Wesley headed to Dallas to present Youth Leadership at a YMCA conference. When he is gone, I try to stay very busy. Tonight, we headed to Moe's for Kids Eat Free and to church.  I love it when the simple things can bring such smiles!

Welcome to Moe's! 
Who knows what this is! The boys found it at church and enjoyed preventing it was a Star Wars helmet. Too cute!

It looked like a popcorn popper to me, but again, the boys made it into some type of helmet -good for hours of play!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tired Boy

After a week of VBS, a late night at Stone Mountain, Church, & a going-away party for the Jensens, Jackson had had enough!

Asleep at the dinner table at 6:30!
Wesley said Jackson could finish his dinner in Wesley's lap and before we knew it, he was cashed out!

Philip, on the other hand, was raring to go!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stone Mountain

Wesley had a work function tonight at Stone Mountain and the boys and I decided to tag along. It was fun but really really hot! We cooled off with some ice cream - it was enjoyed by all!

Sweet Boy with his "Nice" Cream
Stud Muffin with his Ice Cream that melted fast!
Melted REAL fast!

Watching the Y teenagers play some games
We had a great play area with the Y group but chose to move further up the hill to view the Laser Show.
Every 30 minutes the Stone Mountain train would drive right past us. Jackson & Philip loved waving as it went by!

We stayed around until the fireworks. I'm not sure if that was a good idea or not but it provided some fun entertainment courtesy of Jackson:

The last time Wesley went to Stone Mountain for work, Jackson went with him. They too stayed for the laser show and the fireworks scared Jackson. To calm him down, Wesley told Jackson that the fireworks were really far away. Jackson must have remembered this comment.

Scene: Lawn of Stone Mountain with the Laser Show in full swing and the fireworks bursting from above.
Philip: Screaming his head off in Wesley's arms. 
Jackson: Hiding under his Buzz Lightyear sleeping bag. Completely covered but yelling at Philip:
"Don't be scared Philip. The fireworks are really far away!!!!"