Friday, September 30, 2011

INK Children's Museum

I heard of a Children's Museum in Gainesville, and I knew I had to take Jackson. It reminded me of the Hands On Museum my sisters and I went to when we visited our grandparents in Johnson City. 

INK is an interactive Museum where children can role play and learn in make-believe set-ups (bank, post office, supermarket, diner, etc). It's all about Imagination and that's Jackson!

I knew he would love it and I wanted to go when it could just be him and me. I didn't want to have any distractions so no Philip, no Daddy, just Mommy! 

Wesley was traveling to Knoxville for a work retreat and offered to take Philip with him.(Thanks, Lynne, for watching Philip for us!!!)

We packed up and headed to Gainesville at 9:00 Friday morning. We arrived at opening and Jackson's face lit up with excitement like I knew it would. 

He ran all around the exhibits and settled in the diner where he played and played!

Making Pizza 
Getting me a Diet Coke
Working it behind the counter

He put the hat on for a few minutes and then took it off when some other kids came into the diner to play. 

Playing Pilot

Shopping in the Grocery Store

There was a school group at the museum and once they decided to play where Jackson was, I decided it was time for lunch. If we could grab an early lunch, when we came back in, the school group would be eating and leaving. 

We went out to the car to grab our lunch boxes and I decided to move the car to a new parking space. I put the key in and...the car wouldn't start! 

It wasn't just that it wouldn't start, but I couldn't even get the key to turn. I called Wesley (what he could do in Knoxville, I didn't know, but I called him anyway!)

He told me some things to try and then said call AAA. Due to the make of our car, AAA could do nothing and it had to be towed. 


My perfect day with Jackson was cut too short as we waited outside the museum for the tow company to come take us back to our side of town. 

Yep, that's his name!

Is there something we can learn from this picture?
Maybe that our son poses TOO MUCH when this is what I get when I say, "Let me get a picture of you by the car." 

Thankfully, I have the most amazing son in the world and he was just as happy riding in a tow truck! 

And it put him to sleep, too!

Thanks, Jackson, for being so wonderful as we dealt with the craziness of this day. I promise to take you back soon!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

School Pictures

 Jackson - Fall 2011
Mrs. Pam's 4 Year-Olds

 Philip - Fall 2011
Mrs. Mary's Infant Class

The pictures of Philip make me laugh because he is always posing for the camera - wonder why the professionals couldn't get him to smile?!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Animal Kingdom

We spent Saturday at the Animal Kingdom. It was the last day, and after the long (but fun!) week, I was tired! I didn't take many pictures but was able to capture a few of our favorite things:

Wesley, Philip, and Jackson on the parking tram!
This was Jackson's favorite ride at Animal Kingdom!  
Wesley about to start the last day
Philip and Wesley at the Lion King
And then Jackson joined the picture.
The Lion King show is my favorite show at Disney!

This year, we sat right by the lady who interpreted the show for the hearing impaired. It was fascinating to watch her work. 
Riding the Safari
A Bug's Life
We didn't watch this show, but I had to go in and grab a picture of the boys in the glasses!

And the traditional family shot! 

Waiting on our final parade.
Since we stayed for this late-afternoon parade, we didn't get home until early Sunday morning, but it was worth it! Philip and Jackson loved this parade! Maybe it was because we had great seats!


Friday was for Epcot. There is so much to do at this park but a lot of the activities are for kids older than Jackson and Philip so only reserved a few hours to explore. We did find some fun exhibits and I think the boys enjoyed the night.

On the boat from Hollywood Studios to Epcot.
Disney Transportation was the highlight of the trip for both boys! 
Posing by a fire truck

Mommy and Jackson playing the video game Jackson created. 
Philip playing the game Wesley made.

One of the biggest hits of the night was the musical floor outside of Figment.

Philip and Mommy on the Nemo ride
Look! Wesley and I managed to get a picture together!!!
What a beautiful Epcot night! 

The boat ride back to Ft. Wilderness

That's the sign of a good day!

Hollywood Studios

I love Hollywood Studios! There is so much to do and see. We spent Thursday and half of Friday here and were able to see most everything we wanted to. The only thing we missed was the StarWars ride. Jackson was 2 inches too short to enjoy it this year - guess we have to go back! 

We started off Thursday hearing about the Disney Vacation Club. Though it is not for us now, it is a neat travel option and we enjoyed the free ice cream!

Finally! We get to see Mickey!
The Benders & Mickey

Philip and Wesley at the Disney Junior Show

Jackson and Philip after the show

Snack Time - R2-D2 popcorn!

Philip enjoyed the popcorn...

while Jackson enjoyed Beauty & the Beast.

It started to rain on us around the parade time so we took cover and played until they announced the parade was canceled. We decided to leave Hollywood Studios and spend the evening at Downtown Disney (Yay! Earl of Sandwich!).
Wesley had the great idea to ask the front desk if they had "parade vouchers" since we were unable to see the parade on Thursday. They didn't have vouchers but did hook us up with a pass to get us in on Friday to see the new Pixar parade!

Friday morning, we were back at Hollywood Studios!

Jackson, Wesley, and Philip at the Stunt Car Spectacular.
Philip and Wesley were huge fans!
Jackson much preferred to watch from behind Wesley!

Happy Boys!

Philip and Mommy at the playground.

"Jackson, you up there?!"

Taking after Daddy with the turkey leg! 

Great seats by the trash can!

Loving the view!

Here it comes!