Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Surprise Dinner Date!

This afternoon during rest, I got a surprise phone call. My dad was "in the area" (aka 2 hours away in Cleveland, TN) and wanted to see if we were up for a visitor! Absolutely!

Because it is Mission: Atlanta week, I made sure Wesley was okay with our ditching the evening activity (he was) and Jackson, Philip and I waited on Pop-Pop to arrive. 

Jackson was really excited to see Pop-Pop. Philip just couldn't understand why it wasn't Pop-Pop and Mimi. He likes it when things go together - like Emmie and RyRy!

We hung out around the house for a little while and then traveled to Canton to try out a Bar-B-Q place that my dad and I had been waiting to try since we moved down here. 

We had a nice dinner and then Dad headed back to Nashville and we headed home. 

I know it wasn't an easy day for my dad with 8+ hours of driving but the boys and I really enjoyed seeing him and spending a little bit of time at our home with him. Hopefully, next time he is "in the area" Mimi will be able to make it, too!

After dinner, I attempted a group shot. THe first one came out okay, but I wanted to see if I could get one without Philip's fingers in his mouth. I should have just stopped on #1!

Should have stopped with this one. It is good - especially of Pop-Pop and Jackson!!!
And Philip looks cute, too!

"Um, why look at the camera, Mommy? There's something on that TV over there!"

"Really, Mommy, there is something cool over there!"

"Mommy, I don't care what Philip is doing, I am tired of saying cheese!"

And finally - Philip looks at the camera and smiles.
Of course, by then, Jackson and Pop-Pop are over it!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Braves Game

This week is the YMCA's Mission: Atlanta which means Wesley is very busy. He is the director of the week long program and spends his days running around Atlanta and his nights as different YMCA branches.

The teens who participate in Mission: Atlanta do various service projects during the day and then enjoy fellowship time together at night. Tonight's event was the Braves Game and the boys and I joined them for the fun.

Wesley had some extra tickets and gave some to Ben and Kate.
Jack and Sam enjoyed their first game at Turner field. At one point, Jack got a little bored so Kate let him play on her I-Phone. Philip was all about that and wanted in on the I-Phone action! 
Jackson and Mr. Gerald
Jackson and the pretty girls
Saneeha, Jackson, and Anushka

After awhile, all the boys got restless. Wesley and Ben took them over to "run the bases"
I was able to zoom in an get a few pictures. This one made me laugh because Jackson is obviously worried about someone behind him!
Sam - running
Jackson - "on deck"
Philip - waiting patiently for his turn
The daddies - Wesley (red shirt) and Ben (gray shirt) watching the game!

And Philip is off! 
Kate and Jack 
Leanne and Minutha

Jackson and Sam

I think he was asleep in this picture!
There's a smile from Mr. Jack

The Hazlewoods
The Bender Crew!

Action Shots -
Philip with his tongue out!
Jackson - All Smiles!
Daddy and Philip

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Cookout

Last night was the 4th Annual Memorial Day cookout at the Smiths! As always, it was a lot of fun. Sadly, Priscilla and Ashley (and families) couldn't make it but we did have two new families join the fun!

I forgot my camera so I relied on Wesley to capture a few moments. Hopefully, Kate and Katey have a few good ones as well I can share.

Wesley decided to give Philip a chicken wing to nibble on...he liked it!
Philip and his wing!
Some of the kiddos -
Jackson and Philip
Alayna and Sam
Katey made these adorable "hamburger" cookies! 
Jackson and Mr. Waylon on the 4-wheeler
Jackson loved it when Sam and Jack were strapped in and ready to leave.
He got to hop up and watch "Curious George."

Monday, May 21, 2012

Star Wars Weekend

Wesley and Jackson and their friends, Todd and Tucker, decided to head down to Orlando for Star Wars Weekend. The dads have been exited about the trip for months! The boys were excited too - just not as much!

They took off after school on Thursday. Friday, they spent the day at Hollywood Studios where they were able to participate in all things Star Wars. The highlight of the day was when Jackson and Tucker were selected to be in the Star Wars parade!! How cute!

Saturday, they had breakfast with Mickey, Pluto, Lilo & Stich and then headed home. It was a quick trip, but all four had fun. Todd and Wesley are already planning next year!

Heading into the hotel after a day of traveling

Ready for the fun!!
Breakfast with some happy boys!

Why does Jackson look distracted?
Because he has spotted the parking tram!

Daddy and Jackson
Star Wars Weekend - 2012
Tucker and Todd

Getting Ready for the Parade!

Jackson - bottom right 

It wasn't all Star Wars
Jackson had to go see McQueen and Mater!
Watching the Stunt show with some refreshments - chocolate milk!
Jackson doing what he does best - navigating a Disney Map!

Jackson and Wesley were excited to spot an Adventures Monorail on the way to breakfast at the Polynesian!!
Of course, they hopped on!

Breakfast at 'Ohana

The sign of a great weekend!