Thursday, June 28, 2012

Time with friends

Jackson and Philip are so blessed to have so many close friends at church and school. Two of their favorites are Sam and "Jack Jack." We have been spending LOTs of time with these boys as Kate and I have been working (along with Katey and Ashley) on our church's VBS.

It is so much fun to watch all the kids together but recently I have taken some cute pictures of these four boys in play:

Kate and I looked up at Monkey Joe's and saw all four of them hanging out at the top of one of the slides. Of course, they didn't stay in "photo" position once we pulled the cameras out - oh well!

When you get done jumping at Monkey Joe's, head to the arcade to play some games. Who cares if there is no money in the machines? These boys can make it fun! 

Iron Man and Spider Man
(Don't worry, it is really Sam and Jackson protecting the world!)
Kate planned a craft day for some of the volunteers for VBS. We had breakfast and before I knew it Philip had found a nice, calm spot to enjoy his donuts and banana bread!
And of course, you know they are having fun when this is how they end up!
CRASHED! They played their hearts out! 

Random Pictures of Bender Life

Wesley had a speaking engagement in Charlotte so he took the boys with him and visited Shannon, Ron, Macey and Cole while he was there. The boys had a blast!

Watching Cole on the piano 

They went on a special adventure and visited Cole on a field trip at the bowling ally!
Riding a motorcycle - he even has the lean down perfectly! 

Enjoying some popcorn with Cole
They LOVE cousin Cole...
And cousin Macey!

Patches and Jackson slept with Cole

Philip slept with Wesley! 

One Tuesday while I was working, Wesley took the boys to the park - look at the cute pictures he captured!

I really do love Flashers, but sometimes he gets in my way! Especially, when I am making a sidewalk-chalk masterpiece! Wesley snapped a picture right as I was getting frustrated with Flash's chosen spot!

Our summer garden.

We opted for 4 squash/zucchini plants
This picture is of TWO of them! They are so big and beautiful this year!  
3 cucumber plants - we are trying a different way to grow the cucumbers . We have trained them to grow up the tomato stake instead of growing on the ground. It has been successful so far! 

Our pepper plant hasn't yielded anything yet, but I am still holding out hope that something with sprout. 

More pictures of our TWO zucchini plants - 
Our first harvest
Whoops - I didn't see the zucchini on the left in time. and it got huge!! I am saving it to show Joshua and Caleb when we head to Nashville this weekend. They are going to love it.
Posing for the camera during lunch - sweet boys!

Funny Face #1
Funny Face #2 
Funny Face #3
We met Patricia for our monthly McDonalds lunch.
As always, she comes with perfect gifts for Jackson and Philip.
This time it was a remote control bulldozer and dump truck.

Only Jackson-
He has been wanting to go to McDonalds for weeks to try their newly advertised cereal. He didn't realize it was hot cereal & blueberry so he only took a few bites...

No worries - Philip finished it off for him!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Celebration

This weekend Wesley and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. I can't believe we have already hit this milestone!

Wesley started planing a great big getaway for us months ago, but since we found out we were pregnant and all the "glorious" things that go along with that, we decided to nix his NYC plans and stay closer to home.

Jack and Lynne offered to watch the boys and we decided to just grab a hotel room in Turkey Creek (Farragut, TN). We made one plan - to go to the Titanic exhibit in Pigeon Forge. Other than that, the weekend was ours to waste away!

Here are some pictures from our anniversary weekend:

Our first stop - lunch at Logan's!
We tried to pick places we wouldn't want to go with two boys in tow!

Yummy! BBQ sliders!
Since tin is the desired gift for a 10 year anniversary,
we ordered a tin cup dessert for us to share! 
We toured the Titanic Museum for a couple of hours on Friday. It was very interesting!

As you can see, the museum is set in a replica of the front half of the Titanic. As soon as we walked up, Wesley commented "No wonder it sank!" It was quite hilarious and reminded me of his best feature -his humor! 
Dinner at Pei Wei
The food was delicious but the people watching was top notch! 

Our comfy hotel - the Hampton Inn & Suites!
We watched so many movies this weekend - I didn't want to leave on Sunday!

After a long morning of mini-van shopping (I know, we were REALLY adventurous  and romantic!) we were starving. Where else to stop in Knoxville but a Jablonski family favorite - Sam and Andy's

Saturday night, we went to see the Avengers.  Wesley had already seen it but wanted to see it again. I am so glad he suggested it because it was wonderful!
What we left with Grammy and KD - this precious smile... 

And this one! 

Of course, the boys hardly missed us!
They had too much fun playing with KD and Grammy in the pool
I can't decide who is having more fun here - KD or Philip
Jackson had a big weekend with visits to the boat, bike riding and a trip to the movies to see Brave.

Jackson even got to meet the pet duck at the marina!
It doesn't look real but it is!

Here's Jackson checking out "Gertrude's" house!

Jack took Jackson fishing. He was all about it until he caught the fish. Jack said that's when he dropped the pole and ran to the boat!