Saturday, March 31, 2012

Birthday Freebies

I hooked it up with Birthday freebies this year! Several years ago, I started adding my name to the birthday clubs and this year, I cashed (almost) all of them all in.

Here's a sampling of what I got:

Not pictured: Sonic drink; Starbucks drink (Wesley used this for me since love the regular coffee (not very exciting) and he was able to get a fancy treat free!) ; Zaxby's nibbler

On my actual birthday, we headed out to dinner .Wesley and I shared my FREE sub from Firehouse sub and my FREE entree (nachos) from Moe's!

Wesley enjoyed my FREE entree at Captain D's

Again, Wesley helped me out and he enjoyed my FREE burger from Red Robins (we got it to go!)

FREE sub at Which Which

FREE burger from Ruby Tuesdays
(I got it to go and enjoyed it for lunch at work!) 

FREE sandwich at Schlotzsky's

I ran out of time (and stomach space!) and was able to use: free menu item at Cincos, free cookie at Subway, free dessert at Panera.

Make sure you sign up on for these restaurants' clubs - you will be rewarded!

Random March Photos

Crazy Hair Day at school 
Jackson got a new bike!!! A friend from church had this sitting in his garage and let Jackson have it. He loves it and is a really good bike rider! 
Jackson's favorite time of the year -
The "Nice" Cream truck is back!  
Teaching Philip how to watch for it and wave!
We went to the park and out for pizza with some friends. We stayed out really late but Jackson just had to have some ice cream before we headed home...he lasted 2 minutes in the car before cashing out! 
His ice cream lasted longer because neither Wesley nor I wanted to finish off this concoction! What is in that?! 
Play date outside!
Tucker, Philip, and Jackson
Justin joined us too! 

I took the boys for a much needed hair cut this month. Jackson did great but Philip was not a fan. The lady worked very slowly and wasn't able to finish the top of his hair. It wasn't a fun night!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jack's Birthday

Our friend Jack turned two on March 21 and that morning, Philip and I were able to celebrate with him at Monkey Joes! It was so much fun being there with just the little ones. Not only were the big brothers not there, but no one else was in the place so Jack and Philip ran free!
They played this game where Jack would run towards Philip until he told him to Stop!

It took me a minute to realize this was Philip jumping - he looks just like a jumping Jackson in this picture! 
Experimenting with climbing on the tables!

Kate did Jack's party today and went all out with a Cars 2 theme. It was pretty amazing! Philip enjoyed it but Jackson enjoyed hearing about it more! Here is Jackson in the Finn McMissle car Kate made for Philip! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


We traveled up to Nashville for the weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday. We left after school on Thursday. I had packed up the boys but I guess I hadn't packed all of Jackson's needed things. As Wesley was packing up the car, Jackson went upstairs and filled his Cars suitcase with anything he could find. I thought we had it all but Wesley texted me this picture as we pulled out. This is how he found the staircase - I guess Jackson couldn't get it all in the suitcase and left a trail from his room to the car!

Friday night, we traveled out to Franklin to see Susan and Tim's new house. It is a great place with LOTS of room for playing! The kids played forever outside and then after baths and desserts, they had a great game of hide-and-go-seek going on!

One of the best parts of Nashville is getting to play outside. Jackson loves riding the "4-wheelers" with Bekah!

Sunday afternoon, the boys even got a baseball game going!

Go Jackson! 
Time-Out for a Philip drive-by!

So cute!!!

We also got some inside play on!

The highlight of the weekend for Philip was Uncle Ry-Ry. This kid LOVES Ryan! He stayed around him or talked about him non-stop. Ryan used this love to his advantage and had some fun playing "dress-up" with Philip!

Not wanting to be left out, Jackson attempted the high-waised look as well. Unfortunately, he doesn't have as much "extra" to help him keep his pants up!
Pretty much, this was the weekend - hanging all over Uncle Ry-Ry! 
We got home on Monday night and Tuesday morning, Jackson was acting pretty sad. I asked him what was up. He responded, "I want to be at Mimi's house" I asked Why? and he responded, "Because I had so much fun there!"

What a great way to end a long trip with Jackson saying how much fun he had! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sibling Retreat

While the boys and I were in Nashville, Wesley was hosting a retreat for the YMCA teens. It was over Sunday afternoon, and Sunday night, he hosted a "Sibling Retreat"!

I have no idea what prompted this idea, but what a great one! Shannon drove over from North Carolina and Joel came down from Chattanooga.

From the looks of these pictures I found, they had a great time!

Wesley, Shannon and Joel

Joel and Shannon
Which Which

A visit with Mr. Benjamin!

This past trip to Nashville was extra special because I was able to meet two of my friends' new babies! We went to Miss Allie's on Friday and on our way out of town today, we went by Erin and Daniel's to meet Benjamin!

And of course, see big sister Elizabeth!

I loved holding and loving on Benjamin & catching up with Erin. The boys LOVED playing with Elizabeth and Mr. Daniel. They have so many cool toys!

Thanks, Erin and Daniel, for letting us come over and play!!!

My mom helped me out on the gifts for Benjamin and Elizabeth.
She made Elizabeth the adorable apron she has on. She put it on when she opened the present and didn't take it off!
For Benjamin, she made the most handsome church outfit. It was one of the prettiest (can you say that if it is for a boy?!) outfit she had ever made! I was so honored to give Elizabeth and Benjamin these beautiful gifts made with love! 
Jackson and Philip playing in Elizabeth's room
Philip and Elizabeth playing in Elizabeth's fort.

Jackson's in heaven with race cars and trains!
Elizabeth really has the coolest collection of toys!  
Baby Benjamin!
Attempt #1 of a shot of all the kids - Jackson got camera happy

Attempt #2

Attempt #3 -
I really didn't care about the whereabouts of my two - just landed on loving up on Elizabeth and Benjamin!