Monday, November 28, 2011

O Christmas Tree

We put up the tree tonight. Jackson did most of the work and he did a great job. He got out his white step stool and put all his ornaments up where Philip couldn't reach them! It's not a perfectly decorated tree but it is our perfect tree! 

Jackson was so proud of his work - and so was I!
Jackson even got to put the star on the top!

Elmo for Philip
Storm Trooper for Jackson
Taking a closer look from under the tree
We didn't put up many other decorations, but I  did spruce up my wreath with a canvas Kate made for me!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


We spent Thanksgiving in Nashville again this year. I wanted to run in the Boulevard Bolt with Emily and Ryan so we decided on a Christmas visit to Knoxville and Thanksgiving in Nashville.

We arrived on Wednesday afternoon and enjoyed dinner at my mom's Wednesday night. Philip really enjoyed the whipped cream for dessert! 

He didn't want to miss a bit of it! 
Thursday morning, Emily, Ryan, Anna (Ryan's sister) and I participated in the 5-mile Boulevard Bolt. Our goal was to run it in under an hour and we did! We completed the 5 miles in 58 minutes and 51 seconds.  Yay us!

Thanksgiving afternoon, the whole gang came over. Philip settled in next to Tim and explored his I-Phone!

Emily, Ryan, Wesley and I did some Black-Friday shopping. We didn't stay up late or get up early, but got out mid-morning and had success in every store!
We enjoyed some great deals at Sears!
Real men have pink tools.
 Friday afternoon, we had a photo shoot for Mom and Dad's Christmas card:
First, Philip and Jackson helped me find the perfect lighting.

No photo opt is complete without the funny picture! 
We spent most of the weekend inside playing games or outside on the "4-wheelers" 

All the kids joined Tim's I-Phone playing on Saturday!! 

I couldn't find another boy helmet so he had to use Bekah's.
Nothing goes better with dinosaur pjs than a pink helmet!

Saturday afternoon, we walked up to a playground near my parents' house. Wesley, Philip, Flash and I rode back home, but Jackson walked back with Pop Pop. 

We decided to leave late Saturday night in hopes that the kids would sleep and we would miss the traffic. Both boys were sacked out by the time we reached the interstate. Philip didn't stay asleep for long but it was a relatively peaceful ride home.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Tonight was our third annual Friends-giving at Kate and Ben's. We grow in numbers every year -- we are now up to 20! It is a fun night filled with great food and many, many laughs!

I got to cook the turkey again this year! It is so much fun to experiment with different ways to season a turkey! 
Before Wesley carved it, Jackson ran upstairs and found his turkey from his kitchen.
He thought it was neat we both had a  turkey.  
Kate is the perfect hostess!
Girls' Table
Boys' Table

Just a small sampling of the feast we had! YUMMY!

Top Table - Addie, Alayna, Addison and Sam
Bottom Table -- Jackson, Tucker and Philip
Highchair - Isabelle
MIA: Tru
The kids stayed seated for maybe 5 minutes this year and then they were off to play downstairs!  
Best Buds - Jackson and Tucker
Philip didn't like being left out of that shot!

The After-Dinner entertainment was Mr. Todd who became a human jungle gym and story reader!
Philip and Addie and Mr. Todd

Leanne, Ashley, Katey, Priscilla and Kate